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Fresh Vegetables

At Berliner Kebap we use only fresh veggies straight from the farm stand and chopped daily by our chefs. The extra crunch adds texture to our specialties making them truly irresistable. In addition, veggies are packed with vitamins, so you know you’re getting a nutritious meal with our kebaps.


Outstanding Sauces

Our unique recipes and original spice blends make our sauces stand out from the crowd. You will not find them anywhere else. A good sauce can make or break a dish. Our sauces bring the kebaps to another level. Just one taste and you’ll see for yourself!


Delicious Organic Meat

Our chicken, beef and pork are the best on the market: 100% organic, non-GMO, with no hormones or antibiotics. Highly selected, healthier meats give our kebabs an exquisite flavor. Better proteins mean happier customers. And that’s what Berliner Kebap is all about!


Our Choices


Delicious Berliner Kebap


Berliner Kebap is a local, family-owned business striving to bring quality Middle-Eastern specialties to the greater Chicagoland area. Food has been our passion for years and we are excited to finally be sharing it with our clients. Why kebaps? Because they are one of the healthiest and tastiest fast food options around! A kebap usually includes bread or tortilla, roasted meat, vitamin-packed vegetables and a yogurt-based sauce.

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