About Berliner Kebap -A House of Authentic Kebabs

Delicious Berliner Kebap


Berliner Kebap is a local, family-owned business striving to bring quality Middle-Eastern specialties to the greater Chicagoland area. Food has been our passion for years and we are excited to finally be sharing it with our clients. Why kebaps? Because they are one of the healthiest and tastiest fast food options around!

A kebap usually includes bread or tortilla, roasted meat, vitamin-packed vegetables and a yogurt-based sauce. But it can be customized to your preferences! As long-time lovers of Middle-Eastern cuisine, we’ve worked hard to perfect the kebap flavors we’re sharing with you today.

Our menu, which is still growing, is full of delicious options for every palate.  To make our food even more appetizing, we’re using only proven ingredients:

  • 100% organic meats from trusted sources
  • original, home-made sauces made with unique spice blends
  • daily chopped veggies right off the farm stand
  • freshly baked breads and tortillas.

We carefully select our ingredients. Our skilled chefs take their time to prepare the best kebap you’ve ever eaten every time you order. Tasty, healthy and affordable food is what we’re proudly offering our customers. We’re convinced you’re going to love it! Go ahead, give us a try. Call or visit to place your order. We cannot wait to serve you the best kebap you’ve ever tasted.